We love to support rescue, and Big Dog Rescue do a fantastic job of taking in dogs that need a little extra love and care. We work closely with them to help ensure that the dogs they have in their care are improving in their behaviour while there, giving them the best opportunity to find their forever home



Age: 3 years
Breed: Am Staff X
De-sexed and microchiped: Yes

Roxy is looking for a new home. She has been looked after Big Dog Rescue for a long time now while we have been trying to help teach her calm associations of people. Roxy is a lovely girl that really loves to be around people and is happy to meet new dogs.

Roxy used to get anxious when meeting new people, and would get overwhelmed very easily. With a combination of medication to help her with her anxiety and some positive reward based training, Roxy is now comfortable greeting new people and happy to interact.

Whoever decides to re-home Roxy, we are willing to offer three free training sessions, in the greater Sydney area, to help settle her in to the home as smoothly as possible.

We are looking for a family that are a positive calming influence on this beautiful girls life. A family that understand her and can continue to help her grow in confidence through training and love.

For enquires about Roxy, please visit www.bigdogrescue.com.au or contact Big Dog Rescue on anthony@bigdogrescue.com.au



Age: 3 years
Breed: Azawakh (Tuareg Sloughi) x German Shorthaired Pointer x Greyhound x Labrador x Whippet Mix (DNA Test has been completed)
De-sexed and microchiped: Yes

Bella is highly intelligent and very affectionate. She is tall and lean and runs like the wind but is also happy just lying in the sun. Bella had a tough start in life and is wary of people and situations she doesn’t know. She can be very sensitive to people raising their voice. Bella is crate trained and as athletic as she is, she spends most of her days asleep, having taken herself off to her crate or a sunny spot. She adores being stroked and will press against your legs for even more contact. Bella has a gentle nature but because of her height would be better in a household without children. She will do best with an owner who is tuned in to her personality and emotions and wants to put in time to help Bella build her trust and confidence in the world around her. Bella loves playing with dogs in the park, and socialising. If she were to share her home with another dog, she would need a calming influence and not a constant play mate.

For enquiries about Bella, please contact ian@bondibehaviourist.com

Gabby Dogue de Bordeaux.jpg


Age: 6 years
Breed: Dogue De Bordeaux
De-sexed and microchiped: Yes

Gabby is a lovely sweet girl and is looking for a home through Big Dog Rescue. Gabby is very social getting along with dogs, cats and especially humans. Gabby is great off lead as well as on lead and does well running in the park or asleep by your side. She is a very easy going girl and is only being re-homed due to her previous owning passing away. In her previous household she lived with another dog and cat and although she would love to be re-homed with her previous dog friend it is not a must as she will do well as an only dog. We used to work with her brother as he had anxiety and Gabby was a wonderful calming influence.

Gabby is a great dog ideal for any household situation. 


For enquires about Gabby, please visit www.bigdogrescue.com.au or contact Big Dog Rescue on anthony@bigdogrescue.com.au