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Ian Shivers founded Bondi Behaviourist in April 2015. Having worked within rescue organisations and doing one on one consultations since 2007 in England and Australia, Ian has a wealth of experience.

Ian has a diploma in dog behaviour through the British College of Canine Studies and is constantly expaninding on his experience. Having developed working relationsips with trainers, veterinary behaviourists and veterinary practices across Australia.

Ian is passionate about the welfare of dogs in the urban environment, their physical and mental health, relationships between dogs and their owners and believes that educating people on the needs of their dogs is the future of dog training.

It is Ian's mission with Bondi Behaviourist to help bring understanding, through education to pet dog owners to help build happy relationships between all involved.


Jocelyn souter

Jos has been working with dogs since 2010, she is passionate about dog behaviour and training and her enthusiasm shines through. Jos has been a part of the Bondi Behaviourist team since early 2016, learning about different training methods and graduating from Hanrob International Dog Academy, completing her Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services.

Running puppy schools and looking after our in home training for puppies and juveniles. Helping owners integrate their new family members into their homes and lives. Working towards building happy and healthy relationships that will last a lifetime.

As a skilled trainer, Jos understands that there are many different ways to work with a dog, in order to achieve common goals.  She is able to problem solve for clients in order to resolve their issues and gain a positive outcome for both the owner and the dog.

Being a loving dog owner herself, she understands how much a new puppy means to a family and brings this care and affection into her training methods.

Inga Bray


As a nurse/midwife she has spent most of her life looking after the health of people but her passion has always been animals, whether wild or domestic. She has been surrounded by animals her whole life, if not dogs, she looked after lambs, rabbits, horses, birds or any other creature she had the chance to work with and care for.

After training as a Physiotherapist, she moved to Canada to train in physical therapy for horses. This experience further enhanced her desire to work with animals, helping them both physically and mentally to be the happiest and healthiest they could be. She is currently completing her animal psychology to work towards achieving this goal with all the dogs she cares for.

Joining Ian's team mid 2016, she has finally found her "calling". Although she enjoys all aspects of the work, she particularly loves the satisfaction of watching troubled dogs grow in confidence, through one on one training, to become the happiest healthiest  and most content pups they can be

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joanna harden

Jo is a passionate animal advocate who has worked closely with Ian since the inception of Bondi Behaviourist. Her love of all animals, in particular dogs, has always been strong, having grown up with dogs, large and small, from a very early age. Originally from a corporate background, having studied IT and working in the banking sector, she realised over time her true passion was working with animals. 

Jo moved to Australia from the UK in 2004, since then she has fostered many shelter dogs that had run out of options, efforts she found truly rewarding. In 2009 she rescued a one year old staffy, Lola (now a valuable team member!), from Renbury Farm Shelter. This is where her true interest in animal behaviour and her ambition to not only help dogs, but to see them thrive, began. Her philosophy towards dog behaviour aligns entirely with Ian's - patience, calming and care. Her strengths lie in problem solving, dedication, and compassion. Jo has a natural empathy with the animals she works with, she innately understands the connection between you and your dog and how much of an important part of your life they are. Why? Because it’s the same for her! 

As well as working with your dog, she also performs a number of important administrative functions and it will be more than likely you will hear her dulcet tones when you contact Bondi Behaviourist!


Iyona Shi

Iyona joined the Bondi Behaviourist team late 2016, and although the youngest member, she brings with her much experience. Working with animals since she was a young teen in breeding facilities, dog daycare and managing a grooming store, Iyona has always dreamt of working with animals big or small and her passion shines through.

Having completed her Animals Studies, Dog Grooming and Pet First Aid Certificate she only strives to learn more.  Now undergoing her Certificate in Animal Psychology to work towards achieving this goal with all of the dogs she cares for.

Iyona is an avid problem solver and her drive to help people with their pups is her passion. Joining the Bondi Behaviourist team in late 2016 she believes she is now able to make a difference. Aspiring to be able to help animals her whole life, she believes that she has finally found her family.


angela origaen

Angela is the newest member of the Bondi Behaviourist team, joining us in August 2017. From the time she could crawl she has had a four legged companion by her side to love and care for. Her passion for animals is second to none and her experience and confidence is growing fast.

Angela's love and interest for working with animals started at an early age. When she was 16 she got the opportunity to do work experience at a local veterinary clinic. While doing volunteer work at an animal shelter she completed her certificate in Animal Studies through TAFE.

For the past three years, she has been walking dogs. No feat is too great for Angela as she has even walked elephants while volunteering in Surin in Thailand.

In short Angie has found her path in life and strives to be the best she can be whilst giving your best friend all the attention and care they need.