Case Studies

Here are some successful stories of our dog behavioural training provided by Bondi Behaviourist



Narla has been our long term project. She is a very loving girl who shares her home with three cats. She absolutely loves every person she meets and once she has had the chance to get to know a dog we trust her completely.

Narlas biggest problem is that when she sees a dog she doesn't know, she panics. Her reaction is quite aggressive as she barks and lunges. If she was off lead she would charge towards a dog however Narla has never bitten any dog. Narlas behaviour is socially unacceptable so she spends a lot of her life on lead.

We take Narla out every weekday with the goals of keeping her happy and reducing her reactivity. She has a group of dog friends that she sees every week and she even gets time on a long leash so she can run around and we work on her recall. Narla also has two days set aside to help build a positive association with seeing unfamiliar dogs.


I first met Jet and Austin down the park with their owner. They were barking at her to throw the ball for her and I was able to help her reward silence for throwing the ball instead. I got a call a few weeks later and was asked if I could help with the excessive barking in other scenarios.

We came at it from a few angles, the dogs were quite highly strung and were not too confident in receiving direction. By fine tuning the interactions that the owners were already having with their dogs we were able to reduce the dogs general stress levels so that they were generally calmer, and we built up the recall and trust in direction from their owners. This resulted in dogs that were less prone to barking in the first place and when they did, they trusted their owners decision enough to stop when asked.

Here is what their owners had to say after just three weeks of working together;

''I just wanted to say a huge thank you from myself and my family. You have made a huge difference to us and of course Jet and Austin.
They are both much calmer, more relaxed and don't bark when we come home.
tOMWe are going to practice the skills you have taught us and transfer this good behaviour to greeting visitors when they buzz the security gate.
I'm so glad I met you at the park and you taught me that shouting at my boys was 'barking' too.
Thank you so much and I would definitely recommend you to other dog owners.


Tommy was less than 24 hours away from put to sleep by the pound when his forever home took it upon themseleves to not let that happen and to help him through life. His new family quickly realised that Tommy was extremely reactive to other dogs, he had a few altercations at the local dog park and would bark and lunge at dogs he could see when out in public.

Tommy has been a project for a number of months, it became clear that he could not speak dog, he did not understand communication patterns from other dogs which caused him to panic when in their presence. His aggressive behaviour was simply because he was scared of what he did not understand.

We started socialising Tommy with a small group of regular dogs, the idea was to keep things calm and to move slowly. By keeping the dogs he came into contact with consistant, he was able to learn to trust that these individuals were not a threat, the more time he spent with them, the more he began to drop his guard. In turn, the more he dropped his guard, the more the others would accept him as well. The group learnt to trust one another, and from this exposure, Tommy began to learn how to communicate with other dogs in a calm manner.

Tommy still aproaches new dogs with caution, but always has good intent. We have even been able to socialise him in public dog parks where he is now learning more and more social skills. He can still panic if he feels trapped on his leash, and can become vocal, he is still a work in progres. He and his family have been and continue to be a joy to work with and seeing him progress gives us great satisfaction.


I was first called in to see a 7 month old Milo to help with his non-stop barking every time he was a left alone. Milo and his family had just moved to Sydney and into a new house. This was a big adjustment for Milo and he struggled. He refused to enter his brand new kennel, preferring to sit out in all-weather crying. 

I showed Milo’s owners how to make Milo feel comfortable with his new  kennel and within the first session, Milo was sitting content in his kennel, without any barking or crying. From there, I did a series of training sessions with Milo that involved showing his owners how to have a more content, calm and relaxed dog around the house. Which eventually led to a much better behaved Milo. 

I took on another major part of Milo’s training that included walking on the lead and his recall. Milo, a high energy and highly curious breed, struggled with being put on the lead or not coming back at the park, which was pretty stressful for his owners. 
I showed Milo’s owners how to walk with him on and off lead, and the training methods which  have led to Milo becoming SO much better behaved when out and about. Milo’s owners went from a dog that would constantly pull on the lead, to a dog trotting alongside them.




Zeus is a gentle giant. I first met Zeus when his owners asked me to help them with his pulling on the lead. After a couple of sessions, I got to know Zeus and his owner very well and the more time I spent with Zeus the more I fell in love with his personality. Zeus has a confidence and calmness in his approach to other dogs that seems to allow the dogs around him to relax. He plays when it’s time to play, and waits when it’s time to wait. Zeus’s owner allowed me to use him in my training sessions, his amazing temperament has helped build the confidence and socialise so many dogs.



Jack is scared, like a lot of dogs. Jack is scared of loud noises, cars, people and most of all, other dogs. When Jack gets scared he reacts aggressively, lunging and barking at the supposed threat. I have worked closely with Jacks owners, helping them understand his needs and meet his requirements. I have taught them how to best prevent any situations in the first place and how to react should they find themselves in them. Most of all I have been working with Jack directly and teaching his owners how to build his confidence, so that these situations are not seen by him as threatening, and so reducing his aggressive reactions. Jack can now go on walks in public without trying to scramble away, he eats all his meals and relaxes on the sofa. Best of all, Jack has a group of dogs that he is confident with and can run and play with them.


Wilson was terrorising his owners. He had learnt to get attention for all the wrong reasons. As amazing as he was for the kids, he was awful for his parents. When it came to them, he would bark, growl, lunge and even pin down if given the opportunity. I taught his owners how to prevent the problem behaviours before they escalated, and how to structure things within the house so that he got the attention he craves from behaviours that his would see as positives. Nowadays he receives lots of socialising and structured attention, making him the big loveable goofball that loves to please.


Zula is a dog in a different situation. She is your average family pet, chocolate Labrador. One of Zula’s owners is in a wheelchair and so I was asked to train Zula from a very young age to be a calm patient dog that could do some very useful tricks. It helped that naturally, Zula is one of the smartest, keen to please dogs I have ever worked with. Zula is a model citizen now, that loves walks and other dogs like all young puppies should, but she also helps her humans around the house. Zula can pull things open, hit targets and bring things to them. Zula loves to please and loves being so involved in her families life.