Available Training Services at Bondi Behaviourist:-

Please note ALL our dog training services are ultimately tailored to suit your dog, life and routine.
Your dogs health should be checked by a veterinarian before undertaking any behavioural program.

All bookings, or queries can be made on our 'Contact Us' page or email: admin@bondibehaviourist.co

  • Individual Puppy Training- For puppies up to 6 months old

Personalised puppy training. Teaching you and your puppy in your home environment, where we teach all of the basics and how to create the best relationship possible between you and your dog. Helping introduce your new puppy to your home and teaching you how to bring them into your life as easily as possible. In home puppy training gives you the best opportunity for us to teach you how to apply puppy training to real life, getting to understand the home environment, local area and lifestyle of the family as well as the puppy.

  • Juvenile Dog Training - For pups between 6 months and 1 year old

Just missed the puppy training age bracket? Or just want to follow on from puppy training? Its not too late to fully integrate your dog into your life. This training is for dogs that are going through their 'teenage' years, different dogs are at different levels at this age. Each individual is treated so and the training will be tailored to your needs, from problem behaviours, building confidence or lead walking. This course is between 4 and 6 weeks long based on the needs of you and your dog.

  • Adult Dog Training - For dogs aged 1 year and over

We believe it’s never too late to help your dog. We tailor individual training courses for dogs of all ages, and for all behavioural issues. Including (but not limited to) basic training, excessive barking, hyperactivity, general manners and pulling on the lead.

  • Dog Nervousness or Anxiety

We specialise in building the confidence in dogs and teaching their owners how to do so. Reducing the stress on the entire family and improving relationships between owner and dog. Initially we will diagnose what is causing the problem, then a tailored program will be put in to place to build the confidence of your dog, bringing out its true personality as well as building your understanding and what you as the owner can do to improve the situation.

  • Dog Aggression Issues

We work with dogs with aggression towards humans, other dogs and other animals. Firstly, we will diagnose how and why the aggression is happening at all. From there, we will tailor a training and maintenance program will be developed with the aim of reducing the dogs aggression. Teaching you and your dog how to pro actively prevent the situation happening and teaching you how to calm it down should it escalate to a point of aggression.