Melbourne Tour
to Dec 5

Melbourne Tour

Ian from Bondi Behaviourist and Sophie from So Help Me Dog are coming to Melbourne for five days only.

Both Ian and Sophie are experienced in helping owners overcome their dogs problem behaviours. We see it as our job to problem solve for you and help you overcome these issues. We are experienced in helping people with issues such as:

- Aggression, including human aggression, dog aggression leash reactivity and resource guarding.
- Nervousness, including timidness of people, other dogs or enviornments.
- Excessive barking, in the home and at the dog park.
- Seperation anxiety and distress.
- Hyperactivity and hyperarousal
- Digging
- Jumping up
- Leash pulling
- Destructive chewing
- Recall
- Toilet training

Times we have available for bookings are:
01/12/18 - 7.30 - 9.30am
01/12/18 - 11.00am - 1pm
01/12/18 - 2.30 - 4.30om
02/12/18 - 7.30 - 9.30am
02/12/18 - 11.00am - 1pm
02/12/18 - 2.30 - 4.30pm
03/12/18 - A two hour session is available any time between 8am & 8pm
04/12/18 - A two hour session is available any time between 12.30 & 4.30pm
05/12/18 - A two hour session is available any time between 8am & 4.30pm

Each booking will be a two hour consultation which will include an assesment from both Ian and Sophie, a training plan put together and a full written report. With limited times available, book in early to secure your spot. Follow up Skype sessions will be available to maintain the training program going forwards.

Bookings & Payment

To make a booking visit our website and contact our team either through our website, via email on or phone 0435 841 806.

There is a 24 hour non cancellation policy in place with no refunds policy in place if you miss a session for which you have paid.

Bookings must be made in advance and the full $400 must be paid up front. No Reservation will be made until the payment is completed.

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