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Socialisation walk

During these walks our walkers will be helping your dog with their recall in the park, basic training, loose leash walking and to share treats with other dogs politely. Off leash time is given on these walks, where the dogs can run and sniff, while still learning good habits such as recall and social skills. This walk is for puppies and dogs that enjoy the company of other dogs and people. For those that want to get out and explore the world in the company of other dogs. Up to four dogs at a time will be on these walks, where we have a combination of leash walking on the streets and off leash time in the parks. We believe that taking care in picking your dog up calmly, draining the energy mentally and not just physically, helping teach behaviours that you as an owner would want from your dog while with us, and leaving your dog happy and content is most important. This is more than just a run in the park.

$33 per walk or sign up for five socialising walks per week and take advantage of the 10% discount (prices include 10% GST)

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All of our team are trained, and undergo continual training. We are fully insured with police checks. Any special dietary requirements of your dog must be made aware to the Bondi Behaviourist team, food rewards are used consistently.