Bailey - Shetland Sheepdog

Sue Bentley - owner of bailey

“Last year, I was injured in a car accident and was left with constant arm pain. Bailey became very anxious, and began to drop down at the sound of road traffic refusing to walk. But thanks to Ian, Bailey now walks confidently, as do I! Ian’s patience and skill is so reassuring. He can read dogs like a book”


Aisha - Husky x Collie x German Shepherd

glen goddard - owner of aisha

“Now we know how to keep Aisha calm on the walks and best of all Aisha can now be around the new addition to the family”

Narla - German Shepherd x 

Chris Bellemore - Owner of Narla

"We have a very anxious German shepherd Narla. She had recently gone through an emotional upheaval and Jocelyn was amazing in winning over Narla. We would highly recommend Jocelyn as she has the compassion, empathy and discipline to manage even the most challenging pooches.She puts your pooch first!"

Jag & Diesel - Schnauzers

Alisha de graaf - jag & diesels owner

“Jos helped us with walking and training sessions for Diesel and Jag throughout 2016. She was so in tune with our two pups and treated them as they were here own. Diesel and Jag both saw vast improvements with after a few weeks and even our crazy boy Jag settled down on his morning walks with us as a result of her training and dedication. We would recommend Jos to anyone who is looking for a dog trainer!”