About Bondi Behaviourist

Bondi Behaviourist is a Sydney based team that offers a range of services across the whole of Sydney. With home visits and working in your local environment as well as group classes, puppy schools and a range of walking services. Our team work closely with and is recommended by a number of veterinarians and veterinary behaviourists, Bondi Junction Veterinary Hospital, Hills Animal Hospital, Dr. Raphael Dye (Bondi House Vet) and Dr. Julie Ashton (Life On Four Legs) amongst others. A list of our friends is below.

Bondi Behaviourist aims to get to the root of the problem and start from there. Our goal is to teach dog owners how to build the relationship between themselves and their dog. Ian and his team aspire to help you create a stronger relationship with your dog and improve your lives together by having a happy, calm and confident companion. The core belief is that looking after the mental health of our dogs is as important as looking after their physical health, whilst rewarding the behaviours you want and teaching the dog what is expected from positive reinforcement and calm communication.

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As dog ownership evolves, our interactions and techniques also need to. We have a higher expectation of how our dogs should behave in today's society, from bringing them into social settings such as walking down highly congested streets, to busy beaches and cafes. As dog owners, we are ultimately responsible for our dogs and their happiness. It is our responsibility to be the best possible owners and be able to guide our dogs through life.

Our goal at Bondi Behaviourist is to teach you how to be the best possible dog owner you can be. Our approach is to teach you how your dogs’ mind works, what to look for in your dogs’ body language so that you can communicate with your dog in a manner that they understand. With understanding your dog and knowing what they need and how to communicate in return, the relationship will naturally improve. As we meet the needs of our dogs, our own needs also become met and so your family pet becomes a valued member again.

We believe the key to successful dog training and behaviour modification is by working with the dog, not against it. Firstly by teaching the dog that the environment it is in, is safe, and then begin to train our desired behaviours in that environment. By creating a happy fulfilled dog, that feels safe, the problem behaviours will cease to happen.

With an in-depth understanding of dog psychology, plus over nine years of experience working with countless dog breeds, ages, sizes, temperaments and issues, we are able to create a calm and confident relationship that makes your life with your dog easier and more enjoyable.  

We come to you, in order to work in the environments that you and your dog will find yourselves in, in order to have the most relevant influence on your dogs’ behaviour. By working in the environment that you interact with your dog, our program will be specifically designed around your needs.  Not only will you see the results for yourself, but you will also learn how to apply the friendly techniques quickly and successfully. Each session will build on the previous, allowing you and your dog to learn at your own pace.

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