Group Training Walk

Group training walk

This walk is aimed at dogs in which we may require on leash time, rather than off leash. It may be that their recall needs some work or that they get overwhelmed when things around them all get too much. These walks are aimed at those that enjoy the company of other dogs but still need a bit more supervision and help in certain areas. These walks will consist of up to four dogs per walk and dogs will be grouped according to their needs. Our handlers will be taking them out with the purpose of helping with the dogs needs and improving them in these areas, as well as giving them the physical exercise they require. These walks are here to help dogs that may need that little more management and attention, we often suggest that the client completes training sessions with Bondi Behaviourist so that the work that the handler is putting in is benfited by the owner, we find that if everyone is pulling in the same direction then the results are often achieved much quicker.

$38.50 per walk or sign up to five training walks per week to take advantage of the 10% discount (prices include 10% GST)

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All of our team are trained, and undergo continual training. We are fully insured with police checks. Any special dietary requirements of your dog must be made aware to the Bondi Behaviourist team, food rewards are used consistently.