puppy home assesment

Puppy Home Assesment

Our “Puppy Home Assessment” is a one-off session where we come out to
your home environment to meet you and your pup. We will help you with
setting up to get you on the best possible path with your new best friend.

This is a two-hour session for the cost of $220 (inclusive of 10% GST) To be paid
in full prior to the session beginning. Refunds are not available for
cancellations within 48 hours of the booked session. Click here for bookings and information.

During the session we will cover:

  • Home and set up

  • Toilet training

  • Sleeping arrangements

  • Puppy mouthing and biting

  • Destructive Chewing

  • Enrichment

  • Teaching you how to teach your pup how to ‘sit’

  • Teaching you how to teach your pup how to ‘take’ and ‘drop’ a toy on cue

This personalised service can help with the specific needs of you and your new
puppy. Every dog, person and home are different, and each have individual
needs. By coming into your environment and seeing everything first hand, our
experienced team can give you the most accurate advice possible.