In home puppy training package

In Home Puppy Training Package

Our “In Home Puppy Training Package” consists of five training sessions. During these sessions one of our trainers will come out to your home to help set you up for the best possible start to life with your new puppy. We advise that you allow for a week between each training session. Click here for bookings and information.

The total cost of this package is $660 (including 10% GST) to be paid in full prior to the first training session. Over the course of training sessions, we will cover everything to get you started including:

  • Home and garden set up

  • Toilet training

  • Sleeping arrangements

  • Puppy mouthing and biting

  • Dustructive chewing

  • Enrichment

  • Putting a leash, collar and harness on correctly

Over the duration of the course we will teach your puppy as well as teaching you how to train your puppy. Starting with the basics and building up into practical communication skills. We use food rewards as well as showing you how to use games with toys to encourage good habits. We cover the following:

  • Sit

  • Drop

  • Stay

  • Come here

  • Leave it

  • Go to bed

  • How to Take/Release toys on cue

  • ‘OK go get’

The first session is two hours long, this is where we spend time getting to know you, your pup and your home environment. The remaining four sessions are an hour long to keep the sessions clear, engaging and fun.

Session 1

  • Home & Garden set up

  • Sleeping arrangements

  • Toilet training

  • Destructive chewing

  • Enrichment

  • Teaching the dog to sit

Session 2

  • Teaching through play – ‘take’ and ‘release’

  • Learning how to ‘drop’

  • ‘Stay’

  • How to put a collar, leash and harness on correctly

Session 3

  • Learning how to ‘Go to bed’

  • Learning how to play ‘Sit – Stay – Come’

Session 4

  • Learning how to ‘Stay’ while something is on the ground such as a food bowl or toy

  • Learning how to ‘Leave it’ when asked

  • Learning how to ‘OK Go Get’ when asked

Session 5

  • Learning how to play with toys to ‘Stay’ when a toy is dropped or thrown.

  • Learning how to ‘OK Go Get’ the toy when given the verbal cue

  • Learning how to ‘Come’ to you when there is food, a ball or a toy that they want is on the floor.