Leash Walking Training Packages

Leash walking training package

Our “Leash Walking Package” consists of three training sessions in which one
of our trainers comes out to you to teach you how to walk your dog happily
and safely. We advise that you allow for a week between each training session. The total cost of this package is $440 (Inclusive of 10% GST). To be paid in full
prior to the first training session. Click here for bookings and information.

Leash walking is a great way to enjoy your pup and for your pup to learn about
the world. When it is done well everyone is happy and working in tandem. Over the course of training sessions, we will cover everything to get you and
your pup walking happily together, including:

  • Leash handling

  • Putting the leash, collar and harness on correctly

  • How to prevent pulling

  • How to use positive reinforcement to train your pup to want to walk with you

  • How much and when to let your dog sniff

We will also believe in teaching people why dogs may pull on the leash and the
knock on affects that this may have and how to understand leash walking from
the dog’s perspective. We use positive reinforcement and reward-based
training techniques.

The first session is two hours long, this is to allow us the chance to assess at
what level the dog is at so that we can start from the beginning. Each dog is
different, and there are many reasons that a dog may be pulling on the leash.

The remaining two sessions are both an hour long, each session will build on
the previous as their ability to walk happily and calmly on a leash improves.