Pair training session


This walk is offered inline with a training program designed by the Bondi Behaviourist. When a dog needs help with certain issues such as socialising with other dogs, building confidence in people or even just the outside world in general. Two dogs, both of which have similar training needs are paired together and the handler spends the time helping the dogs with their specific needs. All pairings of dogs are chosen by Ian, the head trainer with careful consideration to personality matching. Before we begin taking a dog out on our group training walks, a training session with Bondi Behaviourist is required, this is to ensure that the owners fully understand what it is we are trying to achieve and that we are all pulling in the same direction to help the dog. The handlers will often join training sessions between Ian and the client to ensure that they too have all of the information that they need to help your dog.

$49.5 per session (prices include 10% GST)

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All of our team are trained, and undergo continual training. We are fully insured with police checks. Any special dietary requirements of your dog must be made aware to the Bondi Behaviourist team, food rewards are used consistently.