puppy training session


Our Puppy Training Session is where we come out to you to meet you and your pup. Our experienced trainers will be able to help you train your new puppy, whether that is initial set up of the home and garden, teaching the basics and building communication patterns or helping resolve some teething problems that can crop up when we bring a newcomer into the home.

The initial training session is a two-hour session for the cost of $220, this gives us the best opportunity to sit down with you at the start, getting to know you and your pup, what training goals you would like to achieve and then begin implementing the plan. Follow up training sessions can be either one or two hours, depending on your individual needs. All prices include 10% GST. Follow up training sessions are $115 for one hour. For two hour follow up sessions, Monday to Friday are $175, on Saturdays they are $230. A minimum travel fee of $20 is applied to all training sessions and consultations beyond the inner west and if there is a toll road on the route from the Eastern Suburbs

Reserve a time in your calendar for us to contact you in return or Contact us for more information on pricing and booking.

Typical issues that these sessions cover are:

  • Home and set up

  • Toilet training

  • Sleeping arrangements

  • Puppy mouthing and biting

  • Destructive Chewing

  • Enrichment

  • Teaching you how to teach your pup basic recall.

  • Teaching you how to teach your pup through play - how to ‘take’ and ‘drop’ a toy on cue

This personalised service can help with the specific needs of you and your new
puppy. Every dog, person and home are different, and each have individual
needs. By coming into your environment and seeing everything first hand, our
experienced team can give you the most accurate advice possible.