Recall Training Package - Beginners

Recall package - beginners

Our “Recall Training Package for Beginners” consists of three training sessions in which one of our trainers comes out to you to help you build a responsive relationship with your dog. We advise that you allow for a week between each training session. The total cost of this package is $440 (Inclusive of 10% GST). To be paid in full prior to the first training session. Click here for bookings and information.

The beginners package is for puppies and dogs that won’t listen, come when called or are stealing items around the house that you cannot retrieve. This course is taught in the home with minimum distractions. Starting right at the beginning to set solid foundations for future learning. In these sessions we will focusing on:

Session 1

  • Sit and rewarding calm behaviours

  • Sit means please – nothing for free

  • Stay

Session 2

  • Target/Mat training

  • Build duration of the stay

  • “Come”

  • Stay while bowl/food is put down on floor and “get it”

Session 3

  • How to Take/Drop with toy

  • Stay while ball/toy is dropped/thrown and then told to “get it”

  • “Leave it” for the bowl on the floor

  • Stay while bowl is on the floor while owner moves to other side of room before saying “get it”