Recall Training Package - Intermediate

recall training package - intermediate

Our “Intermediate Recall Training Package” consists of three training sessions. One of our trainers will come out to you to help you build a responsive relationship with your dog. We advise that you allow for a week between each training session.

The total cost of this package is $440 (Inclusive of 10% GST). A 25% discount is applied if clients have already completed the beginners package (total cost $330) All payments are required to be paid in full prior to the first training session. Click here for bookings and information.

The intermediate package is for pups and dogs that lose focus when out in public places. These pups behave well at home but under distraction, their responsiveness to our cues is no longer there.

This course starts at home and we progress to public environments, with few to little distractions. We always want to set the dog and the client up for a win. Recognising at what point we lose the dog’s attention is important. Working with the dog with just enough distraction to grab its attention, but not too much that we lose them completely.

We will be teaching you what to look for in your dog’s body language, when and how to communicate with them and teaching you how to convince your dog that listening to you is the most rewarding part of being outdoors.

Session 1

  • Starts in home with calm associations of putting leash/collar/harness on

  • How to use sit/stay/come going through front door

  • Sit and stay with food bowl on floor and choose to come to owner instead

Session 2

  • Building duration of attention span while in public

  • Using a 3m or 5m leash, in public – we play the same game as bowl on the floor and choosing owner instead

  • Take/Drop using ball/toy/stick in public

Session Three

  • Using a 10m Leash building duration of stay in a public setting

  • Working on choosing us over other objects while walking

  • Explaining how to gain the dogs attention before giving direction

  • Explaining the body language to look for when calling them back