Video Consultations

Video Dog Training Session

Video consultations are available to clients that have completed previous training sessions with Bondi Behaviourist and for clients outside of Sydney that wish to seek behavioural advice when we cannot reach you in person.

This follow up service is there for those that need a quick catch up and general advice that is too complex to write in an email but is not drastic enough to necessarily require a training session in which we come out to the home. This service is also useful to clients that have moved away from Sydney since our previous training sessions.

To make an appointment please contact our admin team on either 02 9130 2415, or using our contact us page. If contacting us via email or in the contact us page, please provide us with your full name and a description of what it is you would like to cover during the consultation.

Our trainers are available on three formats, FaceTime, Skype and Zoom. Which platform you choose to use can be determined when arranging the time with our admin team.

In circumstances that either a dog or person is in danger due to aggression, this service may be put to use before an initial consultation is completed in order to ensure that appropriate safety measures are being taken and put in place before we get to you in person. Generally, we do not offer initial consultations through this service because we believe that we must witness the dog, the way you interact with it and the environment in order to be able to give accurate advice.

The way it works is that we arrange a time, we contact you at this time on your chosen platform and we then discuss the issues at hand. In some circumstances it may be appropriate for the dogs to be present for the consultation, in others such as for aggression cases and cases of high anxiety it may be appropriate for the dogs to be away from the camera completely or brought out at specific times of the consultation.

Pricing for video consultations are as follows:

  • 1 Hour $100

  • 45 Minutes $75

  • 30 Minutes $65

  • 15 Minutes $50

  • A written report of the training plan is available for an extra $20